So, we are going through the process of our Google Partner certification because we love Google and PPC and SEO, and who better than Google to say that you really do know your stuff?

The certification consists of some verification, links to site, and also passing quite a number of detailed online courses which are focused on online advertising (Google Adwords) and also Google Analytics.

One of the requirements of becoming a Google Partner is to verify your Google Plus page, which in theory would seem easy, especially for bunch of web developers, but when we started to get an error from Google, it became a bit of a pain! We kept getting the error “Plus page Invalid” :

Plus page invalid

Anyway, after A LOT of searching, we found the answer here:

But if you don’t have time to read it, you need to enter your Google Plus page ID, not the full web address! Simple.

Verified FTW.

Google partner logo