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Video Design

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Every business needs a website if they are going to maximise the opportunities that the internet offers. And when a business starts a website, they usually concentrate on populating it with useful written content to explain their services and demonstrate their professionalism.

Quite right too.

However, many businesses tend to overlook the opportunity to include video in their website content, which is a shame because in the fast paced, information hungry world of internet users, video is an excellent solution to delivering facts in an easily digestible way.

Web users are a little like students cramming for exams. They want to find information quickly, and will appreciate any shortcut available to find out what they need to know. Making a video is an excellent way to engage with the modern web user, and to give them the information you have available quickly, effectively and in a memorable fashion.

Reasons to include video on your website:

  • Speedy communication

    You can present some complex ideas in an easy to understand format and in a very short space of time.

  • Total engagement

    Create videos that speak through a multitude of senses. Use sound, pictures, movement and text to create a comprehensive information delivery system.

  • Memorable results

    Only 20% of users actually read the text on a website, and of these most will have forgotten most of the details within minutes. Retention of video content is much greater, with visitors absorbing around 70% more information than written media alone.

  • Better SEO

    Video makes your website 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results.

  • Organic promotion

    Research indicates that 68% of video watchers will share that video, which is free promotion of your brand.

  • Lower bounce rate

    Users visiting a text and image only website tend to navigate away within 45 seconds, whereas those with video reap more staying power, with an average visit lasting 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

Convinced yet?

Applefire designs are your businesses perfect partner to help you design and produce top quality videos for your company. With a proven track record, access to the latest technology and a wealth of satisfied clients behind us, you can trust us to develop a video that will maximise your opportunities in this medium. Check out our sample video below or call us for an informal chat about your requirements.